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-- Posted by on Tuesday, October 19 2004

"Just because people get older doesn't
mean their disabilities disappear."

Quote by a developmentally disabled adult included in an article in Exceptional Parent Magazine, Vol 34, Issue 10.

In this same issue of EP, it also stated that it is known that 90% of all patients with cerebral palsy survive into adulthood. This is what makes unique, the fact that we are the only summer camp in the state of Florida that is multi-generational. Campers that attend our children's session have found a special program that they can be a part of well into adult hood, and even as a senior citizen.

Each year, young people are recruited from all over the United States to work with us here at Camp. When recruiting staff the issue of working with adult campers is often brought up by potential staff. I always relate the words of an old camp director during my first interview when I applied as a counselor, "My favorite part of the summer is sitting on the front porch of the dining hall sipping a cup of coffee and sharing conversation with one of our adult campers."

There is something wonderful about each age group that we deal with and it makes the experience even more powerful than working with just children with disabilities. Adult campers value the camp experience more than any others and love to have conversations and participate in activities. The teen and young adult campers are developing friendships with other campers and counselors that last years. And last but not least, the children that attend camp are just getting their first taste of independence which brings out the hope in all of us.

Always remember that children with disabilities grow up to be adults with disabilities. No matter what age, people with disabilities deserve recreational opportunities and here at Camp Challenge we strive to serve them all.

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