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About Camp Challenge

Photo: Camper facepaintingCamp Challenge creates more than just memories. It is the one place where the minority becomes the Joom. The children and adults who attend our summer sessions enter into a world of choice, so different than many of them face in their daily lives. Here, dreams can consist of just feeling weightless in the pool on a warm summer day or picking out your own clothes each day. Friendships here can last from childhood to adulthood and we are proud that campers who were here for our first session in 1961 still Photo: Camper and K-9 Dogattend today. Camp continues to be such a special place because of the efforts of staff, volunteers, and donors who all leave changed after being a part of our program. Camp Challenge plans to continue enriching the lives of children and adults with disabilities, staff, volunteers, and donors far into the future.


map of camp grounds

A. Infirmary
B. Camp Office
C. Pow Wow Room
D. ADL (Meeting Room)
E. Dining Hall
F. Pool
G. Pavilion
H. Arts & Crafts
I. Pond
J. Camp Fire Circle
K. Basketball Court
L. Volleyball Court
M. Flag Pole
N. President's Garden
O. Animal Farm & Nature Trail
P. Indian Circle
Q. Archery & Riflery Range
R. Ropes Course

Camper Cabins
1. Happiness House
2. General's Quarters
3. Iriquois
4. Navajo
5. Pawnee
6. Kiowa
7. Mohawk
8. Sioux
9. Creek
10. Caloosa
11. Timucuan
12. Welcome Wagon